A Peaceful Moment: Size 20x24
A Peaceful Moment 20×24
A Walk Along the Shore Size: 24x30
A Walk Along the Shore 24×30
Along the Path Size: 24x30 not for sale
Along the Path 24×30 Sold
Blue Door with Trellis
Blue Door with Trellis 20×24
Wisteria and Sunlight Size: 18x24
Wisteria and Sunlight 18×24
Floating in the Sunshine Size: 24x30 not for sale
Floating in the Sunshine 24×30 Sold

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Diana’s paintings take the viewer back a century or two, to a more peaceful age of youth, nature and the glories of blended color.

Although done in the Impressionist style, each of Diana’s paintings is its own masterpiece. Her palette of soft colors, coupled with her ability to capture perfect light, gives each of her paintings a freshness and charm that brings an easy smile.

There are more images in each of the galleries. Please visit them all to see the range of Diana’s work. There will be at least one that strikes you as more “special” than the others. That’s the nature of Diana Cummings’ artwork!

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Diana Cummings was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Orange County, California. She attended Syracuse University College of Art, Boston University, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She studied at The Guzzi Studio in Newton, Mass. for many years as well. She has exhibited in several galleries in the Boston area and her paintings are in many private collections.

The paintings portray a world of serenity and beauty. “When I choose a subject, I am drawn to the magic of the trees, the sky, and the flowers. I try to lure the viewer to the tranquility and peace that can be seen in a doorway, a trellis, cascading wisteria, or a young woman reading in a pleasant setting.

Her artistic beginnings go back to her father who was an artist. Sunday drives in the countryside with him became art lessons. “I was taught [to see] the beauty of nature at a very young age.”

These images have been combined with in depth study of the techniques of the Impressionists. The attention to detail, the interplay of color, broken brush strokes, light and shadows, have lent an almost magical approach to the Monet inspired paintings.


Syracuse University College of Art

Boston University

Guzzi Studio,Newton


Design Center,Boston,Ma

The Copley Society,Boston,Ma

Newman Gallery,Boston,Ma

Bellevue Gallery,Rhode Island

Bronstein Sigg Gallery, Carnel California

Gatov Gallery, Long Beach, California


Thursday, April 14, 2016 4:00pm Sunday, Apr 17, 2016 6:00pm
Diana Cummings 2016 Art Expo New York April 14th-17th Booth #S106!

Public hours are as follows:

Thursday’s Opening Night Party,
April 14th: 4PM–7PM
Friday, April 15th: 12PM – 7PM
Saturday, April 16th: 10AM – 7PM
Sunday, April 17th: 10AM – 6PM

Current events coming


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